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Jade Pettyjohn


                           Jade Pettyjohn



Jade Pettyjohn is a teen actress who played 'McKenna Brooks' in 'An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars' series of television films. She has appeared in various episodes of ‘United States of Tara’ and ‘Revolution.’ She is also well-known for her role as Summer in the Nickelodeon Series ‘School of Rocks.’ She started her career with a national commercial in 2007-08. She has acted in various films and short films, including ‘S.H.M.I.L.U’.,‘Dakota’s Summer,’ and 'Girl Flu.’ She has also been a part of the video game ‘World of final fantasy.’ She has acted alongside Kenneth Branagh, an academy nominated director and actor, as a powerful child with extraordinary abilities in ‘Prodigal.’

School Of Rock:

the school of rock Facts about jade Pettyjohn.
Whenever she hits Starbucks, she always gets green tea. “If I want to spice things up, I’ll get the Pumpkin Spice Latte. See what I did there?” she jokes.

She’s obsessed with her dog Porkchops. After seeing how cuddly he looks, we are, too.
She loves dancing and wants to step up her game. “I get so inspired by it,” she says. “I’m working on it, but I’m nowhere near ready for So You Think You Can Dance!”

Her style is retro but modern. “I’m really in love with the modern take on the ’60s and ’70s happening right now,” she shares. “One of my biggest style inspirations is Twiggy, so seeing pieces from that time period makes me really happy.”

Her go-to nail polish color is white because it goes with everything. Once in a while, she’ll mix it up and go for a bold red color instead.
She was so inspired by Penny Lane in Almost Famous that she named her first guitar after her. “She’s mysterious, free-spirited and lives her life as if it were an art piece,” she gushes. We could say the same about her, not to mention how talented she also is. 😍

Kye’s in Santa Monica, California is her all-time fave restaurant. “The Bulgogi Wrap has my heart,” she says.


They are four family members that are his is father Shiloh Pettyjohn, mother Jessica Pettyjohn but has no blood siblings but grows up with an adopted brother. The girl has also a godsister. When Jade was 7, her caring parents put her into the acting school. Parents keep supporting their daughter in all ways possible.she is not married to anyone and has no children either due to her young age.


Prior to her film and television career, she performed alongside a local children's song and dance troupe from the age of seven. Pettyjohn has also played various roles in several television series, such as in Revolution, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, and Grimm. She co-starred in the Nickelodeon Original Movie Rufus 2 which aired in January 2017.she has a soft spot for guitars., talented guitarist as well as a music composer. She loves singing and recording her own songs and playing. she often shares her videos on YouTube channel. Besides acting jade has also taken part in fundraising and stage shows. the actress enjoys huge followership on several social media platforms. she Currently focuses her interest on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. she is being followed by over 929k, 28k, and 7k followers respectively. Pettyjohn role model is Cathy Rigby, a Long Beach, California-born speaker, actress, and former artistic gymnast, the athlete took to acting after her retirement from the sports.
her performance in the 1968 Summer Olympics led to the popularization of gymnastics in the United States.

In her television career, she has performed alongside a local children’s song and dance troupe from the age of seven also played various roles in several  television series eg. in Revolution, Criminal Minds, Suspect Behavior, Grimm, The United States Of Tara, The Mentalist and Pure Genius


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