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Hannah Hart


                             Hannah Hart



Hannah Hart is a well-known and much loved YouTuber, who has also made great waves as an actress, comedienne and even author. Ask any soul that swears by social media--Hannah Hart defines class and there is nothing that can compare to her unique sense of humor! Her upward trajectory of YouTube fame came with her installments of ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ which led to her acquiring over 2.5 million subs. And now, Hannah Hart is known globally for her video content skills, her eccentric movies, and her inspiring-yet-hilarious self-help and cookery books. And what makes Hannah’s journey stand out, is the fact that this woman never aspired to hit it off as a social media celeb- her famous channel began by accident! No wonder her fans and viewers relate to her sense of humor and don’t spare a second for thought before hitting the ‘Subscribe’ button. Happy Hannah Hart channel binging!

Early life, education, and career:

Hart along with the help of a friend started the Youtube channel. She launched My Drunk Kitchen in the year 2011. Initially, she recorded herself drinking wine and trying to make a grilled cheese sandwich.  She uploaded the video on Youtube and within a period of only a few days, she had accumulated 100,000 hits. Similarly, some of her viewers even requested for another video on the series which is why she compiled few more videos and by mid-July, her channel had gathered 800,000 hits. This was the start of Hannah and Youtube’s partnership.

As her channel gained more fame and popularity she featured several celebrities on her videos that included personalities like  Jamie Oliver, actor and host Chris Hardwick, Youtuber Tyler Oakley, former NSYNC member Lance Bass, Mary-Louise Parker, and the popular author John Green. Later, Hart also went on a touring show after funding her tour with a campaign. In addition, she also performed a comedy show in collaboration with Grace Helbig, her friend and Youtuber.

personal life:

Hannah Hart is growing famous on the internet and on TV as well. There is no mystery that Hannah is a lesbian as she has openly talked about it in her videos ever since she came out in the year 2015. Hart was previously famously dating fellow Youtuber Ingrid Nelsen just after her confession. However, they broke up in the year 2016.

Net worth:

Hanna Hart is a successful personality on the internet with plenty of achievements during her career. During her career period, Hanna has accumulated a net worth estimation of around $2 million as of now. All thanks to her Youtube channel that has a total of 2.5m subscribers with 300 million+ total views



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