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Savannah Soutas


                                                Savannah Soutas 


Savannah Soutas is a trending American social media personality, fashion blogger and professional photographer.
Her casual beauty and outstanding skills have made her one of the most popular stars on the lip-syncing app
In 2016, Savannah was named as the number one ‘muser’ of the year after topping with over 7 million followers.
She is also a young mother of a beautiful daughter named Everleigh Rose Soutas.
It was never a straight path of success for Savannah Soutas.
She has been faced with a lot of challenges, including having to drop out of school after an unexpected pregnancy.
Unknown to many, the way she handled the unplanned motherhood has been a major source of inspiration to many people – especially to young single mothers.
Savannah Soutas is currently in a blissful marriage with a fellow social media star and is bound to welcome a new member to her family soon.
Read on to know more details relating to her family life, daughter, career, net worth, bio and much more!

Early life:

She was born as Savannah Rose Soutas on 2nd March 1993 in Orange County, California, US – making her Nationality American.
Soutas, belongs to the white ethnicity.
Soutas has been raised in a Christian family by her mother Deborah Soutas.
Details on her father are, however, unavailable.
She has one sibling; an elder sister named Chantelle Paige who is a popular pop-singer and vocalist of the R&B girl band titled ‘Flipsyde.’
Savannah Soutas considers her mom and sister as the major source of inspiration behind her successful Social media career.
To overview her education, Savannah was home-schooled through her elementary education.
The name of the institution she later pursued her high school is still unavailable, but it is known that Savannah Soutas dropped out after she became pregnant at the age of 18.
Many girls halt their dreams after unplanned pregnancies, but that was not the case with Savannah Soutas.
She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree while still working full-time as a photographer and fashion blogger.
She was born a gifted child and took an interest in dancing from quite a young age.
As per her wiki, Soutas started dancing at the age of two.
She also took a keen interest in photography from an early age and reportedly worked as a teen model after her high school education.


Savannah Soutas has been able to set up a successful career as a professional photographer, blogger, and Instagram star.
Following her gorgeous body and great looks, it doesn’t come as a surprise that her daughter is a close replica.
That, combined with her outstanding gifts and skills has helped attract a massive number of fans on her various social media platforms.
Savannah started off by posting pictures of herself and her beautiful daughter.
Following the attention she received, she went ahead and launched her own website titled ‘littleredrosephotography.’
Afterward, Savannah Soutas took to the uniqueness of the platform where she started uploading videos with her daughter. Owing to her great looks, skills and her daughter Everleigh adorable presence, it wasn’t long before she became a popular figure on the platform.
By the end of 2016, she had amassed herself millions of fans.
The same year also saw her emerge as one of the most viewed ‘musers’ on the platform.
The year 2016 seems to have been one of her best years, both professionally and romantically.
By the end of 2016, Savannah Soutas had not only won the hearts of millions of fans but also that of Cole LaBrant to whom she was married to less than a year later.
The couple created their YouTube channel titled Cole & Sav shortly after linking up.
The YouTube channel documents their daily lives and has attracted over 6 million subscribers’ to-date.
Her success motivated her to start blogging about fashion, and since she had already earned herself a large fans’ base, it wasn’t long before she turned out successful in that niche.
Savannah has also partnered with Michelle Foley and her 4-year-old daughter named Ava Foley to create an Instagram account for their children titled ‘Forever and Forava.’
With the account, the children can now create their own fashion statements, and model for various brands and products.
As a result, their channel has attracted thousands of fans interested in the new style trends for little girls.

Married to Cole LaBrant; Expecting a new child:

Savannah Soutas was only 18 years old and still in school when she got pregnant.
She gave birth to her pretty daughter, named Everleigh Rose Smith Soutas when she was aged 19.
She doesn’t like speaking much about her previous relationship or the father either.
According to some reliable sources, the father of Savannah daughter was revealed to be Tom Smith – and has managed to stay off the radar.
Things were not very easy for Savannah, mainly because of her young age and the whole unplanned concept of motherhood.
Owing to her success at a young age, Savannah has been a major source of empowerment to young single mothers.
She has been able to show many young single mothers that they can still pursue their dreams, despite all the hardships that accompany single parenting.
In 2016, Savannah Soutas linked up with Cole LaBrant, who like her, is a social media star.
Cole is a former vine star and star with over 6 million total fans.
They dated briefly, and despite LaBrant being younger than her, he fitted perfectly as her perfect match. The couple got engaged in January 2017, and on July 2017, the two tied the knot.

Net worth:

Even at her young age, Savannah Soutas has achieved a great deal of professional success in her career as a social media personality, fashion blogger and star.
Following her large fan base, she has been able to earn from various product and brand endorsements which has helped accumulate her total net worth.
Some brands she has endorsed for include; Taudrey, BioClarity, Target, Collab, Frio The Label, and much more.
Savannah also gets her share from her collaboration in their family YouTube channel, Cole & Sav which has been a major success.
Although she is yet to release her official net worth, Savannah Soutas has been estimated to be worth more than $3 million.

The couple has been enjoying a blissful marriage and their family vlogs on their YouTube channel, Cole & Sav have been a huge success. Their YouTube channel which documents their personal life has gained a lot of popularity, attracting millions of views on their channel.

Recently on May 2018, the couple expressed their happiness to their fans in a video revealing that Savannah was expectant. If all goes well, we expect to see the family of three expand to a happy family of four.

Savannah Soutas currently resides in Huntington Beach, California with her beautiful daughter and husband.

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