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Sophia Diamond


                                                    Sophia Diamond 


Social media personality who became best known for her video creations on TikTok.
She has over 2.4 million fans on her sophia.ilysm account.
She also gained followings on YouTube and Instagram.
Sophia Diamond is an Russian-Canadian model, instagram star and tik tok personality from Russia.
She is most recognize for her amazing dancing and lip sync videos on musically now Tik Tok under the username sophia.ilysm.
Sophia is also an Instagram personality and YouTuber content creator. Her graceful dance, pictures and lip sync attracted more than a 980 thousand followers on instagram.
Sophia has amassed over 43K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube Channel.

Family Life:

She moved to Israel when she was 8 months old and lived there until the age of 11.
She later moved to Canada in September of 2012.
She has five siblings.


The beginning of Sophia Diamond’s career with instagram account sophiiadiamond where she publish her beauty pictures and dance videos.
She made her instagram account in 2016 and post her first video on MAY 29, 2016.
Her Online career skyrocketed when she began publishing videos on the popular lyp sync app Musically now TikTok.
Sophia began posting videos on musically in 2016 and has 2.2 million followers with 30 million hearts.
Take a look Sophia one of best tiktok dance videos.

Career Highlights:

Here are some of the best highlights of Sophia Diamond Achievements.
— Began posting videos on Instagram in 2016.
— Have 1,000,000 followers on instagram and 2.2 million fans on TikTok.
— She is active on TikTok, instagram, twitter, Youtube and Triller.


– Her TikTok account reads: “The world is beautiful! pay may attention to be positive”.

– Instagram reads: It’s that heart of gold & stardust soul that make you beautiful.

– She describe herself as “Just a Russian gorl from Canada”.

– In 2011, She first created her YouTube account and post her fist videos in 2016.

– She has another instagram account username soap._.diamond.

– She was bullied in her high school. She said, “Most people in school treat me as garbage for no reason. And I just ignore these people.”

– She make her first musically dance video on Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.”

– She began dating to kian since 2017, they first met in school.

– Her favorite singer in “The Weeknd”.

– She and instagram stars Alahna Ly and Malu Trevejo all rose to fame with their amazing belle dancing.

Social Media Career:

Sophia Diamond started her social media career by posting lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok.
In her first video, she exhibited her dancing skills to Ed Sheeran’s famous song ‘Shape of You.’ Since the video went viral, Sophia was encouraged to post similar content on TikTok.
As she started posting more videos, her account started gathering an impressive number of fans. Her TikTok account currently has millions of fans and hearts.
Apart from posting her dance videos on TikTok, Sophia Diamond also posts her videos on Instagram. She has two Instagram accounts, where she has thousands of followers.
Sophia created her self-titled YouTube channel in 2011. However, she did not post videos on a regular basis until 2017.
She currently has thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel as well.
Some of her most viewed YouTube videos are ‘A Week of Me,’ ‘How to Successfully Go to School,’ and ‘Senior Year Chaos.’
Sophia Diamond has used her social media fame to collaborate with various brands and apps.

Personal Life:

Sophia Diamond has a younger brother named Daniel, who often appears in her Instagram posts.
Sophia is a trained gymnast.
She often incorporates her gymnastics skills in her dance moves.
She is also a fitness enthusiast and often works out along with her boyfriend, Kian Salehi.
She has been dating Kian since 2017.
She first met Kian outside her school, when she was waiting for her mother to pick her up.
Kian and Sophia attend the same school in Canada.
When Sophia was bullied by her schoolmates, Kian Salehi stood by her side.

Their friendship soon turned into a relationship. On September 12, 2018, Sophia deleted Kian’s photos from her Instagram page, which led to speculations. However, both Sophia and Kian chose to remain silent on the status of their relationship. Sophia can speak Russian, Hebrew, and English fluently. She holds citizenships of three different countries, namely Russia, Israel, and Canada.
She has also modeled for a couple of brands like ‘Bang Energy Drink’ and ‘Fashion Nova.’

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