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Makayla Storms


                                            Makayla Storms


Makayla Storms was born on the 15th of April, 2002, in Florida.
She is a person who is realy crazy about rap.
Her creations and cover versions usually are based on rap compositions.
She began her account just a year ago and has already managed to get a crown as she has gathered more than half a million of admirers and followers.


Makayla Storms is currently 17 according to her birthdate April 15, 2002

Family, Mother, Father, Wife & Husbands, Kids :

Father: The name of Makayla’s father is unavailable.

Mother: Makayla’s mother’s name is unknown.

Siblings: Makayla has three siblings.

Husbands and kids: Makayla does not have a family of her own yet.

Distinctive Features:

* Gorgeous long hair
* Pearly white teeth

First Film:

Makayla has not appeared in a theatrical movie yet.

First TV Show:

Makayla has not acted on a TV show until now.

Personal Trainer:

Makayla Storms’s workout routine and diet plan are unknown.

Favorite Things:

Footwear – Crocs
Genre of Movies – Horror
Hairdo – Spacebuns
Sport to Play – Lacrosse
Quote – You do not know about real loss because that only happens when you love someone more than your own self.
Food – Italian
SnapChat Filter – Leopard Ears
Animal – Cats especially Sphynx cats
Fashion Statement – Jeans skirt
Restaurant – Lynora’s, Red Robin, and Chick Fil A
Beverage – Hot chocolate and Coca-Cola


Makayla had once contemplated the idea of an online school but then, she had second thoughts since it is tough having no teacher in person.
She is into love quotes just like all the girls next door and she writes, “I fell in love with the way you touched me without using your hands.”
What sets her apart is her high intelligence and wisdom at a young age and one example is her thought that there indeed is a lot of hate in the world and only a little love.
She has an eye for art and photography. She is a connoisseur which comes across in her posts of pretty photographs.
She used to wear braces earlier.
On her YouTube, she follows travel tips, makeup looks, and how to pack for a travel. She also follows day to day DIY blogs which could be useful to her followers.
In return to people commenting that she was gay because she supports gay rights, she replies saying that she takes pride in being broad-minded enough to support the cause of homosexuals and that does not mean that she is gay.
Connect with Makayla on Instagram, YouNow, and Twitter.

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